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Vehicle registration not found

If you have received a message from us that a vehicle's VRM (or registration mark) was not found then here's what it means and what you can do you fix it.

What does it mean?

When you added your vehicle to MOTRemind.Me you entered a registration (or VRM) for your vehicle. We have now made changes to our system that we get data on your vehicle in realtime from VOSA. This returns information about your vehicles MOT status and only works if the registration is valid but there are some vehicle types that will have incomplete information.

  • If your VRM is not valid then VOSA cannot provide us with the latest information about your vehicle and provide realtime updates.
  • If your VRM is valid then this means VOSA could not return information about the vehicles MOT date.

What will happen next?

We will update your reminder to be based on the anniversary of the date you provided before and do this each year as before. This will become a manual reminder that is not connected to VOSA data but the reminders will still work.

What if I want realtime updates?

If the registration is not correct, please log in to your account and update the registration making sure it is correct and we'll do the rest making sure you get realtime updates on your vehicle.

If the registration is correct, you can log in and update the date yourself manually and continue to receive reminders on the expiry date.

What if I no longer have the vehicle?

You can log in and remove it from your account and we will no longer send you any reminders.