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Find when your vehicles first MOT is due

When you buy a brand-new car you get the peace of mind that it is road-worthy and safe but after three years it's time to get your first MOT.

How do I find my new vehicle's first MOT due date?

1. Using your V5 or Logbook

You can find your vehicles first MOT due date by looking at your vehicle’s V5C or 'logbook' which will list the vehicle's registration date. This can then be used to work out when it's due it's first MOT test.

2. Enter your VRM and we'll do it for you!

Or, an easier way is to enter your vehicle's VRM below and we'll look this up for you.

Find when your vehicle's first MOT is due

Create a free reminder for your first MOT

If it's a long while before your first MOT is due it can be easy to forget and miss the MOT deadline and driving a car without a valid MOT is illegal and you can be fined.

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