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Check your vehicle's MOT expiry date

If you need to check your MOT expiry date we have a handy MOT checker with real-time MOT information and we have details on other ways to find your MOT expiry date.

Check your vehicle's MOT

The government website lets you check details on your vehicles MOT. It's quick and easy so should only take 2 mins. To find out online you will need to have

The vehicle's VRM (registration mark) and also either of the following:

  • The MOT test number (you can get this from the VT20 test certificate or the VT30 refusal certificate)
  • The document reference number from the V5C (logbook) registration certificate

Enter vehicle details to see the date of the last MOT test, the mileage at the time of the MOT test and the expiry date of the MOT test. This will then confirm the expiry date for the MOT.

Check your MOT Status

Create a free email reminder for next year

We offer free MOT email reminders so you will have plenty of time to book your vehicle's MOT.

Create a free MOT reminder