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MOT Frequently asked questions

If you've got a question about your vehicles MOT then we've got the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about getting an MOT and staying legal.

DVLA MOT Test Checklist

If your vehicle is going for its MOT, here is an MOT checklist of the things you should check before your MOT to ensure you've covered the MOT test basics.

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Forgotten your MOT

If you have forgotten your MOT here is some important information about what to do to stay legal and avoid any fines.

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What are the different MOT Vehicle Classes?

Vehicles that go on the road have to have an MOT proving road safety and environmental checks to make sure they are meeting the standards.

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Check your MOT expiry date

If you need to check your MOT expiry date we have a handy MOT checker with real-time MOT information & details on other ways to find your MOT expiry date.

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Find when your vehicles first MOT is due

When you buy a brand-new car you get the peace of mind that it is road-worthy and safe but after three years it's time to get your first MOT.

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How much does a MOT cost?

The cost of a MOT depends on the vehicle you are having tested. This page shows the maximum price a test centre can charge to give you an idea of cost.

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Can I drive with an expired MOT?

If your MOT has expired you can't legally drive on public roads unless driving your vehicle to/from an appointment at a registered MOT testing station.

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When do I need a MOT?

If you've bought a brand new car you will need to get its first MOT after three years but, before then, there is no legal obligation to do any testing.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus

With isolation in place due to Coronavirus COVID-19, a new 6 month MOT due date extension has been set by the DVSA from 30 March 2020.

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